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Iā€™m an avid technology enthusiast, engineer, and administrator.

I have administered hybrid Windows Active Directory and Microsoft 365/Azure environments for over 4 years. Within that time I've also obtained experience with networking equipment, cloud services, and enterprise cybersecurity tools. I've had exposure to and collected skills throughout IT & security operations along with attaining certifications across: network and system administration, cloud computing, and cybersecurity. My goal is to be well rounded with expertise in all specialties. I am eager to continue learning what each specialty entails and reveals on how it interoperates with the others.

My interests extend to cloud computing, networking, and computer security. With my free time I keep up with Kali Linux and HackTheBox, Javascript for web development, Python for the occasional homebrew project, and AWS / Azure cloud services for quick and easy to deploy infrastructure.

I spend my time researching the latest trends to find and understand technology that can help make life easier.

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